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About The Hostel 77 Gdansk

Hostel 77 Gdansk is an excellent option for travelers or guests looking for clean and cheap accommodation, and its just a stones throw from the city square. They have a 24-hour reception so you dont have to worry even if you arrive at 1 am. The hostel is also within walking distance of the airport, and you can board a taxi on the cheap to get there. The facility has very friendly staffs who can communicate in basic English. There is also a security guard who mans the facility round the clock.

The top reason to choose Hostel 77 Gdansk is its perfect location . Located within the city square, the hostel is close to some of the most important amenities of the city. when you sleep here, you can be sure to enjoy the finest amenities like bars, clubs, hotels and restaurants. Shopping malls and supermarkets are also within a few minutes’ walk. And if you want to sample the best in terms of attractions, they are also within minutes walks.

The dorms in Hostel 77 Gdansk are excellent. Each dorm has 4 beds per room and each is very clean and comfortable. Beside each bed is an electrical socket and a small light. There is also a toothbrush, a toothpaste tube, and a small shampoo bottle. However, beware of the mosquitoes that populate the room at night. To prevent this, the management sprays bugs every night.The shower and bathrooms are located just outside the rooms and wont take you much trouble to use them. The bathroom and shower are on one room, and while clean, the whole room is wet, which can make changing into dry clothes a bit of a problem after showering.

The main common space is a clean kitchen thats fully equipped.Guests are served tea and coffee for free, and they can also eat bread, peanut butter and jam. However, dont expect to do much cooking as there is no stove but the fridge and the microwave should be enough to cover your simple food needs. Also, there is a small shop that sells snacks and other hygiene or toiletry products that you may need.

If you want a clean, comfortable place thats near important amenities , you wouldnt get it wrong with Hostel 77 Gdansk. Located within the central business district of Gdansk, the hostel boasts wonderful staffs and 24-hour reception. It has become a darling of many guests, who now choose it as their top most accommodation spot.

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